A collection of PureBASIC resources.

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The PureBASIC Archives

Welcome to «The PureBASIC Archives,» a collection of resources for the PureBASIC programming language.

The PB-Archives is a threefold project consisting of:

  1. PureBASIC Archives repository
  2. PureBASIC Archives Wiki
  3. PureBASIC Archives website

PureBASIC Archives Repository

The PureBASIC Archives repo was created by Tristano Ajmone (@tajmone) as a centralized place for gathering and sharing PureBASIC-related resources: code examples and snippets, libraries, tutorials, books, and links — anything that can simplify a programmer’s life by either being herein archived or linked/reviewed.

PureBASIC Archives Wiki

The GitHub-hosted Wiki associated to the PureBASIC Archives project is intended as an online reference for PureBASIC – ie: not for tutorials, reviews of third party tools, ecc. Tips and tricks might be mentioned therein, as well as links to external resources that are pertinent to the subject matter of a Wiki entry, but any full-fledged article/tutorial should be placed instead inside the repo, and a short link to it placed in the Wiki.

The Wiki is pretty much still in the makings, it doesn’t contain much and hasn’t been structured in any significant way.

PureBASIC Archives Website

Well, you’ve guessed it: you’re reading it at this very moment!

Right now, it’s just a single-page website, created with GitHub’s Automatic Page Generator and freely hosted on GitHub Pages. When the documents and tutorials of PB-Archives’ repo and wiki will reach a mature stage, I’m planning to make this website into a full-fledged and well organized portal – but this is a long-term project, unlikely to happen soon.

For the time being, this presentation page is all the website can offer.

Tristano Ajmone (Italy)